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Guided Enduro tours in Lanzarote

For all rider skill levels.
Enduro bike, all equipment and guide included
Groups size just you and your friends

Please be advised that bookings are still open and tours going ahead
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Different routes for all rider ability

Lanzarote is an amazing place for Enduro riding
Different tracks to suit any rider.
We supply all your equipment, the bike and a guide.
Small groups means the routes we take will be catered to fit you skill level.

To find out more email  lanzarotecontact@gmail.com

You need a full motorbike license and to be over 25

Tour start times can be flexible to suit you.

Once you have but on your boots and all the rest of the protective gear we set off.
We adapt the route to suit your preference and skill level. All the routes take in some of Lanzarote’s most stunning views and landscapes. Much of the areas you will ride in are in parts of the island you would normally never see.
We take in some beach side terrain close to stunning breaking waves and lava rocks. Then up some mountains with views across Famara beach and cliffs. Up to the highest point of the island with spectacular views. Through river beds and into the island interior. Lanzarote has a huge undiscovered side that you will enjoy and explore.
En-route we stop and take some photos and videos of your great day out.
The island is like a naturally built play ground for Enduro riders and very under utilised.
At the end of the ride you will have travelled around 80 kilometres and got to know this wonderful island in a way that few visitors ever do.

Client tour
Dan's Tour
Didier's Tour
Katie's offroad tour
Enduro to the South
Old riverbed

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Enduro riding in Lanzarote

The low population density of the island and amount of undeveloped land leads to lots of amazing routes. There are hundreds of kilometres of tracks criss crossing the whole island. Ninety nine percent of your tour will be off road.

Lanzarote itself is only a four hour flight from the UK and the rest of Europe. The year round dependable weather guarantees great rides everyday of the year.

There is also a fantastic variety of terrain. Around the coast there are good sand trails, inland there are riverbeds, climbs, cliff top views and easy going tracks.

All of our clients have been very happy with the Enduro tours and impressed by what Lanzarote has to offer.

You will see parts of Lanzarote few people ever see.


Sea and water sports in Lanzarote

Whilst you are on this beautiful island you could try some of the other amazing sports on offer.


Wing Foiling

Wing Foiling is a great water and sea based sport mixing hydrofoil surfing and the power of the wind. If you want to learn you can get some Wing Foil lessons in Lanzarote via the website in the link. Experience in windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing will help but you can also enjoy and learn the basics with no related knowledge. You can also use the website to learn about locations to do wing foiling on the island, buy equipment and better understand the sport in general.

Here are a few videos of some of the Enduro routes across Lanzarote.

This is the full youtube channel with all the videos
Enduro tours Lanzarote youtube channel